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Fun and Helpful Questions to Discuss Before Marriage

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Submitted by dan on Mon, 06/06/2016 - 21:55

1000 Questions for Couples e-Book

Before Eileen and I got married, I bought this e-book and Eileen had fun going through it togther.  And I believe it really helped strengthen our marriage.  It helped us open up to each other, and one thing we noticed is that as we entered into marriage and ran into situations mentioned in the book, we faced them with little or no surprise or conflict.

You can save money by creating your own list of questions.  Most likely you will not be as thorough.  But it will be better than nothing.  One way to cheat a little is by clicking on the link to the e-book to the right, taking note of the categories of questions in the ad to give you ideas, and then let that give you ideas for questions to discuss.

However, I am glad we bought the e-book along with his e-books on "Secrets to Blissful Relationships".

I am not comfortable with some of the emphasis on sex in some of his more recent materials or advertising materials.  However, in spite of the ad, the e-book is exceptionally good, and I am glad we bought it.

If you do buy the e-book from this site, I do receive a commission to help support this website,


Pray for Your Family

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Submitted by dan on Wed, 07/19/2006 - 21:55

Why Pray?

  • Prayer changes you.
  • Prayer connects you to God.
  • Prayer changes things for the better.
  • Prayer gives you strength.
  • Prayer opens your mind and gives you wisdom.
  • Prayer gives you peace.
  • Pray for your family.
  • Labor in prayer.
  • Seek God what to pray for.
  • As Him to bless your family.

But, why? Isn't this setting yourself up for disappointment? Isn't prayer something you do when nothing else works?

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