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Unveiling NoDivorces.com: Pioneering a Revolution in Preserving Unbreakable Bonds

Inception of a Passionate Movement

Picture this: twenty-two years ago, a spark of indignation ignited the flame that would become NoDivorces.com. This digital haven was born from a fervent outcry against the heart-wrenching saga of infidelity and divorce that so often shatters lives.


A determined collective of individuals, united by their refusal to accept the injustices perpetrated by no-fault divorces, converged. Yet, as with any spirited gathering, differences emerged, branching our paths and tempering our ambitions to mend fractured marriages.

Diverse Paths of Impact

In the realm of salvaging unions, luminaries such as Focus on the Family, Marriage Savers, Marriage Encounters, and Michele Weiner-Davis' Divorce Busting undertook valiant endeavors, casting ripples of influence across the marital sea. Amidst their commendable strides, a gnawing moral quandary persisted. Could marriages conceived within the crucible of adulterous liaisons genuinely warrant redemption, or was their very foundation too brittle to sustain the test of time?

Navigating the Quagmire of Doctrine

Doctrinal divides surfaced, each wave crashing against the shores of conscience. Among the myriad voices, some adamantly advocated for a universal doctrine, a reverberating call for the embrace of Catholicism. However, I tread a different path, not aligned with the Catholic tenets. My personal narrative bears the weight of a prior marriage, one that wasn’t forsaken by my own hand but by the actions of another. A tale woven in abandonment and prayerful contemplation led me to a juncture where I acquiesced to the dissolution, not in endorsement, but in acknowledgment of its finality. From those unsteady grounds, fate led me into the embrace of Eileen, forever altering my course.

In Defense of Sacred Bonds

Amidst the din of fervent debates, whispers resonated, insinuating that my second marriage was shrouded in adultery. Yet, to consider it as such would be to dismiss the guiding hand of the divine. I stand resolute in asserting that my second union bore the blessing of God, a testament to His will unfurling upon the canvas of my life. In a tapestry woven with pain and resilience, I stood as the victim, not the culprit, of adulterous intent.

Division: Catalyst for Conviction

Let’s be candid - division isn’t always malevolent. It can embody a crucible for convictions, a fertile ground where authenticity flourishes. Indeed, there are those who proffer the decree that my present wife and I part ways, urging an improbable reunion with my former spouse. Yet, in the shadow of Deuteronomy 24:1-4, I detect a blatant violation of sacred tenets, a transgression I’m unwavering to embrace.

Evolving Principles, Immutable Truths

Amidst the echoing debates, some dismiss the age-old echoes of Deuteronomy 24 as obsolete. A paradox emerges - the cloak of temporal change veiling the timeless essence of divine principles. It’s the essence, not the veneer, that remains unyielding.

Unveiling the Mosaic Puzzle: Ezra 10 and More

Ezra 10’s shadows loom large, brandishing its relevance against my stance. A parchment marred by the tales of those who parted with their youthful partners, entranced by pagan allure, only to be summoned back to the sanctum of their original unions. Yet, distinctions arise: for the one who casts aside his partner sans cause, the mark of adultery befalls him. Ezra 10 whispers its truth to such a soul. For the one who uncovers the specter of adultery in his spouse and seals their fate with a decree of divorce, Deuteronomy 24 crafts its edict. Herein, if she takes another’s hand, the gate of return seals shut.

Embracing the Narrative: Fortitude Amidst Chaos

Thus, I stand - a man who prayed, clung to the fraying fabric of his marriage, only to witness its threads unravel irrevocably. Christ’s exception for the scar of adultery isn’t confined to betrothal; it spans to those ensnared, unwitting victims betrayed, rejected, exiled from the marital haven. A travesty sanctioned by systems, a stain upon justice and virtue.

A Call for Integrity and Valor

It’s true, I wear my passion on my sleeve. Yet, within my fervor lies a burning ambition, a drive to quell the tide of divorces with compassion, benevolence, and respect. If this quest entails a touch of feistiness, so be it. If my dedication can sew the tapestry of families back together, it’s a cause for which I’d willingly lay down my very essence.

In Parting

Thank you, for accompanying me on this journey of impassioned contemplation. As I conclude this discourse, I can’t help but smile at the audacity of my musings. Yet, in the realm of preserving sacred bonds, audacity is our most potent ally.

Warm regards,

Daniel J. Dick


Here is the ChatGPT prompt I used to generate the above interesting writing:

Please help me rewrite the following “about” blog post in a more engaging, professional, pleasant, interesting, humorous, yet serious way. Please divide it appropriately with appropriate subheadings keeping paragraphs short. Here is the blog post:


What is NoDivorces.com all about?

NoDivorces started as an angry rant against infidelity and divorce twenty-two years ago. We gathered a group of people angry over the injustice of no-fault divorce, and we commiserated until we came into denominational disagreements, went our own ways, and accomplished little of what we hoped to accomplish which was to help save marriages.

Some organizations like Focus on the Family, Marriage Savers, Marriage Encounters, and Michele Weiner-Davis' Divorce Busting efforts seemed to have greater impact on saving marriages. And yet there were serious moral questions over whether marriages rooted or founded on or birthed in adulterous affairs really should be saved or whether they should be broken apart to reunite the original marriage with the earlier spouse.

Some felt everyone should be Catholic. I’m not Catholic. Some believed no second marriage could be valid as long as the original spouse was still married. Well, I had been married before. I did not leave my ex. She left me for another man, and I waited and prayed for a few years until I believed it was God’s will for me to accept the divorce–not in the sense of believing it was OK, but rather accepting that the divorce had happened and our marriage was over. A few years later, I met and married Eileen.

For that reason, some argued that my second marriage was adulterous. I do not believe I am being disingenuous or dishonestly permissive or hypocritical to believe that my second marriage was not only permitted by God but was God’s will and was perfectly allowed given that I was the victim and not the perpetrator of adultery in my first marriage.

All this fighting over doctrine produced division. But division is not always a bad thing. Sometimes division is necessary for people to be true to their convictions. Since there are some who would demand that I divorce my current wife and pray for my ex to divorce her current husband and return back to me. I believe that is a direct violation of Deuteronomy 24:1-4.

Some argue Deut. 24 is old testament and therefore no longer valid or applicable to my situation. But I argue that God’s rules may change or that the Bible may speak of laws written by man and by God and that those laws may apply only to a particular people group at a particular time in a particular situation, but God’s principles on which those laws are created never changes. His principles never change.

Some quote Ezra 10 as evidence against my second marriage citing how the men who had divorced the wives of their youth to marry pagan women were commanded to divorce their pagan wives and return to their first wives, and that God was angry with them.

For the man dumping his wife without cause of adultery, Jesus calls that adultery. Ezra 10 applies to him. For the man finding something adulterous with his wife and sending her away with a letter of divorce, Deut. 24 applies to him if she becomes married to another man. In that case, he is not permitted to take her back if her second husband dies or divorces her.

In my situation, I prayed to keep my marriage, and our marriage ended anyway. The exception Jesus gave for adultery is not for betrothal only as some betrothal theorists claim, but it is for those in my situation who, for no fault of their own, were betrayed, rejected, thrown out of the marriage against their will. In essence, it is a sort of government supported and sponsored rape, and if any government is offended by that, or if anyone wants to say, “America, love it or leave it”, well, then my suggestion is to take that insincere and cowardly stupidity and insincerity and kindly shove it in their ears. This is not the gutless America without justice or integrity that our brave soldiers fought for. And we owe those soldiers the courage to stand up and speak truthfully. Our nation is raping the faithful and their children for profit. And if one does not like the charges, then quit committing the crime. Simple.

So, I am a little fiesty. But if I can help reduce the divorce rates in a more kindly, loving, respectful manner and empower familes to stay together, then that is something I would give my life for.

Thank you for being here and letting me rant a tiny bit in the end.

Daniel J. Dick