Taken Into Custody

Would you like to be jailed for nothing?  Would you like to have your children taken away from you?  Would you like to have your freedom and your rights violated and to be dragged into court and pumped for protection money by someone operating in a manner not unlike that of a Mafia thug?

Political Science Professor Dr. Stephen Baskerville plugs his book, “Taken Into Custody”.  I say that facetiously, but the matter Dr. Baskerville addresses is one of the most serious and yet one of the most irresponsibly neglected issues of this day.

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Christian Comedians on Marriage

Hey, saving marriages and bringing about justice in divorce court can be heavy and dreary, and we all need to have a little fun sometimes.  It’s good for our health and a great way to learn and have a chance to laugh at ourselves a little.

By Chonda Pierce and Ken Davis.


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Protest in Mexico for Equal Rights of Men in Family Court

Women and men in Mexico protest for equal rights for men.


Both men and women protested in Mexico against injustices suffered by men. Just as in the US and other nations, men have been cheated out of time with their children and have been cast into the role of a cash cow.

I have held back from considering this a “men’s rights” issue because often women are also injured unfairly and some men who have been unfaithful and deserve to be deprived of home, family, property and child support money often try to ride on the coat-tails of those faithful men who have been robbed and are legitimate cause to be angry.

I’m proud of those women who stood together with the men protesting, and I would so love to see more of that around this world. What I would really love to see is signs saying, “No More Stealing From Faithful Spouses” and signs defending the rights of the faithful and their children to

  • live together in love
  • enjoying the shared family assets
  • without robbery, extortion, or abuse from the court system.

This kind of protest is what we should be doing until these atrocities of injustice end.

Are we protesting? Or are we letting them get away with it?

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Christian Guy Gives Encouragement to Stay Married

A Christian guy shares the importance of honoring the wedding vows and staying the course.


A sketch for a church drama on divorce

An excellent sketch for a church drama on divorce by cvdrama.

I believe they did this to give others an idea for doing a play in their churches that can help people understand how divorce tears deeply into the heart and soul of a child and how children need a stable home environment where competent, mature relationship skills, honesty, faithfulness, sincerity, benevolence, unselfishness, courage, and love are modeled and lived out in the home by honorable parents.

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