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Suicidal? Give Tomorrow and Loved Ones a Chance

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Submitted by dan on Tue, 06/07/2016 - 16:11

Depressed TeenPeople who consider suicide don't want to die.  They want pain to end.

Many things lead people to suicide: pain, illness, career frustration, heartbreak, divorce, injury to reputation.  Too often people wrongly assume that intense pain will last forever if they do not do something.

But what's more important is what stops people from committing suicide during their darkest moments.  When they decide to continue living, things almost always get better--much better, and they're glad they chose to live.  Almost always.

What makes people decide to live?

I looked around for articles on the Internet for testimonies from people who survived and what stopped them from going through with ending their lives, and I found many interesting comments.

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