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Pray for Your Family

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Submitted by dan on Wed, 07/19/2006 - 21:55

Why Pray?

  • Prayer changes you.
  • Prayer connects you to God.
  • Prayer changes things for the better.
  • Prayer gives you strength.
  • Prayer opens your mind and gives you wisdom.
  • Prayer gives you peace.
  • Pray for your family.
  • Labor in prayer.
  • Seek God what to pray for.
  • As Him to bless your family.

But, why? Isn't this setting yourself up for disappointment? Isn't prayer something you do when nothing else works?

Pray for your husband or wife

Many people say to pray for your children and love them first.  What if I said we should pray for our spouses first?  Many believe children need their parents to love each other more than they need to be loved themselves.  The love between parents makes children feel secure, and when parents start to separate, children are affected deeply.

Pray for your spouse.  Pray for health, protection, wisdom, deepening of love and character and strength.  Pray for them to grow in love for God.  If your spouse is not saved, pray for salvation.  If your spouse has problems forgiving someone, pray for healing.  If there is an addiction or serious problem, pray for that, but pray.

Some people say prayer doesn't change your situation;  it changes you.  Actually, prayer changes both.  Your attitude and expectations improve.  You see things in a more positive light.  Your love deepens and it changes everyone around you as it changes the way you see them.  Your understanding and patience improves.  It makes the storms of life easier and it gives you strength to face them.

What else?  You don't need external situations to improve to have faith, hope, love, and spiritual strength.  And you put yourself into a better position to receive answers to prayer.  

You'll be amazed at the way God's wisdom is so much greater than ours.

By surrendering to God, we set an example for our spouses and our children of humility.  We become more loving, more trustworthy.  They have less reason to become angry and rebellious and mean.  Now, please don't misunderstand this to mean that cruelty is the fault of the victim here.  But, where there is an opportunity to turn things around, I do not want to hold back any advice that might help a person gain the ability to do that.  This is about acquiring an ability, a skill, a competency in turning things around.  It is not about blame.

Set aside time with God to pray.  Be intimate with God in your heart.  Be open with Him about everything, your feelings, your thoughts, your difficulties, but also spend time thinking about the blessings that God brings to your life and your family even in the midst of the worst possible times and how He enables you to come through it victoriously. We don't always come through victoriously, but we can if we will let God carry us through.

Pray fervently and effectually for your marriage and your family

Pray as though your family depends on it.  Pray for breakthrough, that things won't stay as they are, that marriages would be blessed and stop being destroyed.  Pray for churches, for pastors to become wise and competent and godly concerning faithfulness in marriage and will stop explaining away God's desires and stop pandering to the unfaithful and will have the courage, love, and integrity to say what needs to be said to keep people from perishing into hell and unfaithfulness and sin.  Pray, pray, pray, and don't let up until the prayer is clearly answered, and then pray again to give thanks!!!

But, don't let up.  When you pray with your family to give thanks for meals, give at least a little prayer for families and marriage and for your church.  Don't ramble and keep everyone's necks crimped downward for an excessively long time, and don't put them to sleep waiting half starved and unfocused to take their first bite of their meal, but at least touch on the issue with God in prayer and set an example for your family.

Pray for other families and marriages

Pray for families and marriage and faithfulness.  Don't use prayer to condemn others, but don't spare, and don't be afraid to make someone in adultery squirm or fear or worry or be offended because that may be needed to save their soul from sin and turn them back to Christ once again.A  Because if the adulterous don't change, for sure they will perish into hell regardless of how religious they and others may feel they are.

Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray.  When will you do that?  When will you start?  How often will you do this?  Can you do it now?  Can you start now?

Thank you so much!