Feminists outraged over protest for equal rights for men.

Both men and women protested in against injustices suffered by men. Just as in the US and other nations, men have been cheated out of time with their children and have been cast into the role of a cash cow.

I have held back from considering this a “men’s rights” issue because often women are also injured unfairly and some men who have been unfaithful and deserve to be deprived of home, family, property and child support money often try to ride on the coat-tails of those faithful men who have been robbed and are legitimate cause to be angry.

I’m proud of those women who stood together with the men protesting, and I would so love to see more of that around this world. What I would really love to see is signs saying, “No More Stealing From Faithful Spouses” and signs defending the rights of the faithful and their children to

  • live together in love
  • enjoying the shared family assets
  • without robbery, extortion, or abuse from the court system.

This kind of protest is what we should be doing until these atrocities of injustice end.

Are we protesting? Or are we letting them get away with it?

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