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Angry Prayers

Angry Prayers, a Blessing or a Curse?

Prayer – A Peaceful Protest

Do you ever feel so angry you just want to lash out in violence or riot?

Many people do. What are you angry about? Abortion? Bad divorce laws? Child support laws? Taxation? ACLU judge buying or judge shopping? Delayed approval of life saving medication? Health care? Discrimination? Crazy demands for approval of every weird sexual orientation that one could imagine? Education costs? Monopolies?

When people can vote, violence and lawlessness are unacceptable. But where tyranny and corruption satisfy the few at the dire loss many, those injured will feel compelled to act. Sometimes they act individually. Sometimes they join together. Other times they appeal to God in prayer. And those caught up in the power of tyranny react to defend their illicit positions.

God gave us proper means of redress, and we should use it.  America did not give this to us. America only promised to be decent and respect the rights God gave us. But some would take that right away from their opponents.

Rights and Prayer

Selfish and ignorant people corrupted the notion of rights. Rights were once an honorable liberty to do what was right. Now people lie and claim rights that were unreal. The right to butcher a child in the womb. The right to buy judges. The right to supplant the law with those judges. The right to tell the people to shove their votes in their ear. The right of a judge to “rule”. The right to sue a Christian couple out of their bakery business, out of $153,000 and their religious liberty. A liberty every judge swore never to violate. But some judges are liars. And like irresponsible idiots, we vote them into office. Other times they are appointed. Appointed.

If people of any religion are angered by injustice and speak up we are told to pray to our God. After all, if our God is real, then He should do something. Right? So let us prove Him real and keep out of politics. Or so the saying goes.

Does that make you feel patronized? Dismissed? Marginalized? Hushed? Insulted? It should.

Ruling the World by Proxy

Our “instructors” don’t even believe in God, and they want to instruct us? How we should do our religion better? They know it all. Or so it seems. Perhaps they hope to rule God so they can rule the world by proxy. By proxy?

What does it mean to rule the universe by proxy? Perhaps they hope to tell us God says, “Eat cow dung” and everyone will start eating cow dung. Well, that won’t work except with the gullible. But what if they misquote the Bible? What if they take Bible verses out of context? What if they point to the Bible and say, “Read it and weep!” Or what if they appeal to a principle that has been drummed into our heads as Biblical but isn’t? Like “judge not”? Or “God helps them who help themselves”? Or “if your God is real, turn these rocks into bread”?

Or what about the advice they give to stay out of politics? What about all their attempts to get us not to vote with our voices? Or our feet? Or with our signs? Or with our voices in City Hall? Or the Senate? And what if we should tell them not to vote?

And who do they think God is? Are we made in the image of God? Or is God made in the convenience or pleasure of our flesh? Is He ruled by honorable and true principles or by the lust of our flesh? Or their flesh? Are we called to worship their flesh?

They don’t want a God confined by integrity and love, They want a God subservient to their own lusts. When they command us to do what God says, they mean we must do what they want.

How do we know? They violate every principle of integrity or holiness. They prove they have no integrity. But they demand compliance only to principles they make up, principles that sound good to them. The right to butcher a baby in the womb. The right to silence anyone who would speak a contrary opinion to theirs.

Today, we are seeing a different kind of rebellion. Our government in America was set up with three branches to keep each other honest. We would elect our Senators and our House of Representatives and they would represent our interests. The Senate would assure that the interests of no state would be ignored. The House would assure that areas within each state would receive attention. It would be more population oriented. The President would be elected by the electoral college.

Where we have freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom to assembly peacefully, where we have the right to bring issues to our government and where those rights are not revoked by corruption, greed, or demands for money or unreasonable processes and wait times, we should comply with the law for the greater good of society.

But according to our nation’s founding document, there are times when war and rebellion are not only the right of the people but a moral obligation for the greater universal good.  That does not mean we can gratify our lust for getting our way justifying it on pretending it is for the greater good.  It means we must seek a peaceful and legitimate, legal, moral, ethical solution within the law, that as long as the law is ethical, no person is above the law.  But as long as the law is unethical, all may be above the law whether a segment of society approves or appreciates that fact or not.  Nevertheless, if there is a peaceful, legal solution, we should always prefer that first.  And nobody should be rewarded for being unethical and unruly.


When people express concerns and others don’t want to be bothered or feel compelled morally to consider those concerns, one popular way to dismiss, belittle, or patronize the person who has a legitimate concern is to tell him to take it to the Lord in prayer.

People who say this don’t really want others to pray.  They want to stop being bothered by their concerns.  Usually they have absolutely no confidence God will actually answer or even hear their prayers.  They may not even believe God exists.  In fact they may boast about how moral a person can be without believing in God, but when they’re called to that concern, they suggest throwing those concerns back onto a God they don’t believe exists.  In other words, they don’t care and yet they lack the audacity to say so.

Causes for peaceful protest constantly abound.  When people do not feel accountable to a God they really believe in, they have no fear of God.  Their consciences are seared or non-existent.  But they benefit from people’s trust.  They dance their dances and sing their own praises in countless ways but since they do not sincerely care about God or others, their morality is a facade and their ethics are for maintaining it.  But when they pursue changes to the laws, they seek whatever gives them a personal advantage.  If they sacrifice at all, it is for a greater gain or to protect against a greater loss or fear.

Angry Prayers

Our prayers follow after our motives.  Are we willing that others should suffer so we may experience gain or protection from loss?  Then our prayers will reflect that if they are sincere.  Do we seek the greater good of God, of the universe, of the world, of mankind, or do we seek the principles of God, integrity, courage, love, justice, righteousness, and good will?  Then our prayers will reflect that.

When we gather, if we gather in a public place to pray, should our prayers be meaningless?  Should they waste people’s time or bore them in an effort to promote our reputation for holiness in a hypocritical and misdirected and ineffective manner?

Should we be controversial or should we comply with the expectations of the religious community stopping short of anything that might upset someone?  Should we be politically correct?  Or should we be sincere?

Should we pray for blessings upon our enemies, or should we pray for a curse when others are likely to be angry and offended?  Are the offensive prayers the ones that do the most good?  Or are the milk-toast prayers the most Christian or Jewish or lovable and kind?

Deuteronomy 28 seems to lay out both a blessing and a curse and bid people to choose which they would like to receive.  If we stand by God’s law, we will be blessed.  If we turn against God’s laws, we will be cursed in our coming and going.

As we stand in a downtown square before a courthouse or a legislature building or around a university praying for our nation, should we bless the abortionist or pray that abortion supporters would be cursed or blessed in a way equal to the way they bless the unborn?

As we stand together in a public place for prayer, should we pray for God to bless the attorney or judge who rules against the Christian who cannot bake a cake for a homosexual wedding?  Should we bless or curse those in divorce and child support court who deprive the faithful and their children of their right to live together in love enjoying the shared family assets without robbery and molestation or punishment for being the victims of such robbery?  Should we pray for God to bless or curse the person who slashes the credit rating of those who have suffered injustice or robbery or illness or unexpected death in the family?  Should we bless or curse those attorneys and judges who call the person a fool who cannot afford to pay for an attorney, those who prostitute justice?

Does patriotism mean supporting the status quo or defending the rights, property and safety of fellow citizens–the greater good of society and the principles what justify our worship and love for God?  Should we accept a government that is less than godly under the pretense that one cannot support religious freedom while standing for the moral principles espoused by most all religions and honest philosophies?

Today’s Issues of Unethical Government

If we gather, what should we pray for?  And what prayers would shake things up and possibly bring about a change of mind in society and a conviction and drive for the greater good?

Pray to bless those who protect the beauty of marriage and family, who protect the rights of the faithful and their children to remain together in love without robbery or molestation from the state.

Pray to curse those who rob the faithful, who drag them into court, who pander to the unfaithful and their lovers or to the abusive cowards who bring danger and cruelty to their family.  Pray that God would curse with infinite wrath those who threaten the faithful and their children with intense loss and injustice.  Pray God would bless the attorney and judge who endeavors to protect them from this injustice out of love, and curse the attorney who prospers from the threat of injustice or by telling the faithful that justice is just around the corner with another $2000 retainer.  And another.  And another.

Pray that God’s infinite wrath would be upon those who would rob the people to pay for injustice, for abortion.

Pray that God’s infinite wrath would be upon those who falsely charge others for personal advantage such as accusing them of sexual misconduct to keep a good person out of office or to gain the upper hand in a divorce case.  Pray that God’s infinite wrath would remain upon every liar so that we would also be accountable to that standard.  We should not pray that others would be held to a higher standard than we’re willing to be held to.  But we should not lower our standards for others to shelter ourselves from the same moral obligations.  Both must be judged cowardly, hypocritical, and immoral.

Pray God’s infinite wrath would be upon all who cheat whether in office politics, or in auto accidents where the wrong person is found at fault or the damages are reported more costly than they were.

If we would have God’s heart, we will have to pray according to His will and to do that we will have to pray in agreement with His will and His morality.

When we pray for grace, it should not be a prayer for injustice or weakness or fake love which is cowardly and insincere.  Our prayers should be for grace to do right, to be honorable, to stand firm with integrity.  And if we would love and pray that the righteous and just would be loved and honored, then we must pray that the dishonest and unjust would be rewarded less, that there would be a distancing between the two, that the unrighteous would suffer, that nobody would engage in injustice without seeking their own destruction.

We should pray that God would tear down the monuments to injustice, to robbery, to hypocrisy, to unethical government, to cruelty, to the denial of legitimate rights and to defense of injustices.

If we would have our children and children’s children live in a just and honorable society, we must pray to support a just society now and fight injustice wherever it exists.  And this will require that we fight against every lie that is told in defense of this robbery of injustice.

Today we prostitute justice in our courts.  Sometimes I think our courts would be better called whorehouses of injustice than houses of justice.  Why?  Because some lies are tolerated while truths are unjustly punished as though they were lies.  The most stupid of lies are proffered as undeniable truths.  And great intelligence is ascribed to those who tell the most asinine lies with the most straight faces and socratic facades.

When we hear such things we should take it as though we owe no explanations or conversation to the liar.  The liar should earn his or her right to be respected through giving up lies and turning to integrity for a way of life.

When people play the whore on their marriages, they are adulterers.  They are not without fault.  It is a liar who says “no-fault”.  There is fault.

When people rob the faithful to reward the unfaithful, when a man can go on the prowl for a married woman or a woman can go on the prowl for a married man hoping to obtain some illicit pleasure and finds our government willing to rob the faithful parent to reward them with custody of the children and child support payments, then our government is damnable.  It is not just in error.  It is unethical.  Satanic.  Unjust.  Irresponsible.  Incompetent.  Unethical.  And as reprehensible as the worst of it’s criminals in prison.  In fact, it eliminates its moral right to judge anyone else.  Unless it would that sanctions apply to punish the evil and reward the ethical, it is nothing but a cowardly and asinine government from the pit of hell.

Now before you let the hair on the back of your neck stand on end and declare me unpatriotic, take a long look at what I have said and tell me if you find a single lie in any of it.  Then you will see that it is not me who is bringing these charges against our own nation but those who promote injustice in our nation.

I have not stood against the principles to which we pledged our allegiance.  I have not stood against the principles laid down in the Declaration of Independence.  I have not taken a stand against the Constitution of the United States.  I have not put down those who sacrificed their lives for our liberty and for this nation.

What I have done is to defend them as we have all sworn to do.  The problem is that too many have sworn but lied.  They swore their allegiance to the most honorable of standards and then turned on those standards and violated them.

As a result, we the people have played the whore on our marriages and demanded reward.  And we have robbed the faithful to obtained it.  We have killed our children in the womb.  And we should feel damned with the infinite wrath of God if God is in fact honorable at all.

We see fires in California and hurricanes and tornadoes and typhoons elsewhere,  We don’t need some looney terrorist or religious fanatic to blow up our subways or fly planes into our buildings.  We don’t need a school shooting or some other terrorist case from the next nutcase.  We need to ask if we want God to be with us through difficulties or not and whether we want to be protected from disasters or not, and we need to pray that God would reward us the way we reward Him, the way we respect Him.

If we would be patronized by God, we should patronize God.  If we would pray insincere prayers, we should ask for insincere answers.  If we would be treated unethically, we should behave unethically.

So, how should we pray at home on our own?  And how should we pray in the public square?

If we would be rewarded like pimps, whores, liars, child murderers, and abusers, and swindlers, then that is how we should behave.  But we commit ourselves to ethics so completely that we would pray God would damn us with His infinite wrath if we will not come clean and let His grace cleanse us from within our hearts and minds and bring to  correction our attitudes and prayers.  We should demand ethics and we should live by them.

If not, then what right do we have to ask for God’s blessing on anything we are, anything we have, and anything we do?


About the author: dan

Dan has been building websites focused on Christian evangelism and devotions and on strengthening marriages since 2001 and has worked in Information Technology while being involved in various ministries at church since the late 1970's. Dan's beloved wife, Eileen, stands with him in these efforts and has websites and Christian clothing designs of her own. Dan's daughter, Michelle, is another joy of his life. She is finishing her final year of high school and will be attending her first year of university study in the Fall of 2011. Her interests are in neurology and biomedical engineering.

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