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Sincerity Challenge

Our FamilyWould you and your spouse sign an agreement

  • Never to cheat on the marriage

  • Never to allow anger to escalate to abuse
  • Never to violate the other spouse's right to live together in love without cause of adultery or violent abuse
  • Never to use no-fault divorce to rob each other of home, time with children, property, or future earnings
  • Never to make others pay for one's own unfaithfulness or destruction of the marriage through violent abuse

Would You Sign Your Wedding Vows?

Would you give copies of your wedding vows to your family, friends, and pastor?

Today, when more than half of marriages end in divorce, would you rise above this and be sincere enough to give your spouse a signed agreement that would hold you accountable?  An agreement relinquishing your right to a no-fault divorce?  An agreement that promises you and your spouse will never violate their right or your children's right to live together in love in the family home enjoying the shared family assets without cause of adultery or abuse?  An agreement that would hold the guilty party accountable and not rob the innocent to pay for those sins?

Wedding Vow Challenge:

  1. Tell your spouse about this site and this sincerity marriage agreement.
  2. Encourage others to sign up.  This will put you on the spot.  Tell one person in the next hour.  At least one.  More if possible.
  3. Sign up by clicking here.
  4. Click here to get a sample agreement.
  5. Sign the agreement with your spouse.
  6. Copy it and give it to your pastor and family members on both sides.
  7. Click here to tell others about this website and encourage them to join

You and I can protect our marriages and bring down divorce rates in our families, our cities, our states, our nation, and our world!!!

And if we can, we should!

If your spouse reads this, would you want your family to participate in this?


Dan and Eileen Dick