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Marriage, a Hope or Promise?

Marriage, a Hope or Promise?

Did you ever attend a wedding?

You probably have attended many and found them to be happy events full of hope. Hope that the couple will ride off into a wonderful life of happiness forevermore.


Hope that the relationship was meant to be.

Hope that it was written in the stars.

Hope that the bluebird of happiness will smile down upon them.


But what is marriage really?

It’s a promise.

It’s a promise to endure.

It’s an admission there may be or will certainly be problems, and it’s a promise to persevere faithfully through them:

  • In sickness and in health
  • For better or worse
  • For richer or poorer
  • Until death do us part.

It is a promise.

It is a statement about our integrity before God, before family, before friends, before all of heaven, documented in government paperwork.

It Protects

It protects children from growing up in a broken home.

It promises faithfulness and exclusiveness in romantic love.

It promises that if one breaks the vows, he or she will bear all the costs, all the pain, all the loss, all the responsibility.

But hold on. Is that last statement true?

If it isn’t, then it isn’t an honest marriage but a lie, a fraud, a coward’s empty promise.

But what if the government does not allow an honestly binding marriage agreement? Then that is a promise.

No-fault divorce is a lie. It is not possible for it to exist in an honorable nation under an honest government run by honest people. The only beneficiaries are the abusive, the unfaithful, and their attorneys and a corrupt and cowardly court who is more concerned about the money they make from the demise of marriages than about the well-being of the faithful and the children they hurt.

And if that offends anybody, may I double down right now and re-assert what I just said?

Marriage is a promise to be kept.

If that sounds judgmental, it is. But at least it judges children and faithful spouses worthy of being loved faithfully. And if that is not one’s commitment, and if one does not have the sincerity and courage to honor the vows, then they should not be making the vows.

Nor should they expect to live or sleep with someone without making sincere wedding vows. That, too, is cowardly and unfair to both the other person and to the children that may be born into that situation, or worse, aborted in a worse act of cowardice and murder.

Marriage is a promise of faithfulness for those who love sincerely.

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