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Detoxifying No Fault Divorce with Declarations

Detoxifying No Fault Divorce with Declarations

Changing a law can be tough and take years.

During those years, tremendous family destruction can happen.

How to take the venom out of a cruel, unjust, and dishonest law?

How to shorten the time to fixing it?

How do you detoxify No Fault Divorce?

I asked ChatGPT 4 to give me something in the style of the Declaration of Independence the other day. I wanted it to cite objections to the injustices, the deprivation of rights and such.

Then I posted it to NoDivorces.

Then I had an idea…

Why not create a booklet for people who are already married or are soon to be married? A booklet of renunciation. A statement of disapproval. A declining of the illicit violations of rights of the faithful and their children by the courts?

Each couple can sign their name in agreement to these principles or statements renouncing of any right to make the marriage impossible to continue while making others in the family suffer unjust loss.

  • What if a statement of contempt for No Fault Divorce were signed by both partners.
  • What if this statement reached divorce courts?
  • What if the statement denounced the cowardice and injustice of those who rob the faithful and their children of their right to live in their family home enjoying their shared family assets in love without robbery from the state?

What if the statement denounced those forcing such injustice upon the innocent and faithful?

  • Including judges?
  • Including attorneys?
  • Including child protective services?
  • Including psychological evaluators?
  • What if profiteering from the injustices done to the innocent and their children were duly shamed?

What if the nation and its laws were boldly declared unworthy of allegiance. What if nobody who pledged allegiance to one nation under God could ever have any integrity or patriotism while defending the nation’s right to violate the faithful and their children?

What if such signed agreements were a statement that would be given to the court as evidence saying, “According to YOUR words, you would renounce the right to engage in such robbery as is often prescribed by this government and its courts as you would regard such a government or law unworthy of our respect?”

What if seeing this would compel courts to respect the rights of the children and the faithful?

What if seeing this would compel legislators and courts to change the law?

What if married couples no longer had to wait for the law to change? What if the effects of no fault divorce could be nullfied by such a prenuptial agreement? What if many or most judges could no longer apply no fault divorce laws with a clean conscience?

What if these principles became so widely known and accepted by the public that nobody would consider a couple sincere unless they married signing these agreements? What if these principles became so widely known that nobody could divorce without feeling shame and no victim of divorce could be forced to carry the shame from the offending spouse?

What if divorce rates dropped? What if suicide rates dropped? What if spouses stayed committed to the family and thought about the honor of their word? What if nobody felt they could any longer make excuses for wrecking their marriages?

What if parents felt convicted about tearing apart their children’s family?

What if no fault divorce laws became moot?

What if no fault divorce laws were hated and removed from the books?

What if custody battles and child support were no longer applied illicitly, immorally, with theft and dishonest excuses?

What if judges could no longer tell the faithful spouse to shut up under threat of losing custody and support?

What if the motive behind false allegations and illicit restraining orders could be eliminated?

What if divorce rates dropped into the single digit level?

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