Wedding Vows – How Much is Your Word Worth?

What’s the big deal?  Wedding vows are only promises. Right?

We all say them hoping things will work out. But sometimes things just aren’t meant to be. Nobody’s perfect. If things don’t work out, we can always get a divorce later. After all everybody has a right to be happy.

Promises.  What is the value of your word?


Is there a right way to pursue happiness? Or are wrong ways our only choices? Do those abandoned or cheated have no right to happiness? Is happiness only for the selfish who betray their own family and those who pry apart other families to steal a partner?

Should our government get away with robbing the faithful and their children to make the unfaithful “happy”?

Some say men are not naturally monogamous. But what honorable man breaks his word and shreds his family and foundation of family love for his own children? What real man is so weak he cannot honor his word his wedding vows?

Real men honor their wedding vows.

What woman of honor plays the whore on her marriage?

Do you love your children enough to honor your wedding vows?

How Far Does Honor Go?

Honoring the vows doesn’t stop at staying together. It continues on to keeping the wedding promises made, to love exclusively and faithfully until death, to honor, to seek the well being of the family not just for better but for worse, not just in health but in sickness, too, and not just for richer but for poorer, too.

If a man’s or a woman’s word has no worth, don’t destroy the worth of your own word. Don’t lie to excuse or cover that fact. They’re looking for comfort. Have the love and integrity to deny them that comfort. Let them remain uncomfortable until they come clean.

Why should anyone rob the faithful and their children to pander to the unfaithful?

Is Our Government Honorable Enough?

When the government does this, it is cowardice. It is an arrogant injustice. It reflects a government more worthy of soldiers to suffer and die to overthrow it than to support it. And if it is treason to say such a thing, let us all be treasonous to a wicked government as we would wish to be treasonous to the kingdom of Satan in order to be faithful to God and the principles of God.

Never excuse, rationalize, or justify unfaithfulness in marriage. Jesus said except for reason of sexual infidelity, to divorce one’s spouse and marry another is adultery. And adulterers will not make it to heaven without repentance.

If this is harsh, it is only for the love of God, of children, and of mankind that such harshness is fair and benevolent.

Be faithful to your vows.

About the author: Daniel Dick

A Christian computer geek with an awesome wife, daughter, parents, and friends.

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