Child Support – Blessing or Curse?

If there is a controversy as bitter as divorce, it might be child support.

To a woman with children abandoned by an abusive or adulterous man, child support is

  • justice,
  • a promise of a lifeline vigorously protected by the state.
  • A necessity of life.

To a man who leaves behind a trail of abandoned women and children, child support is

  • a fair and just sentence
  • a cause for whining over every judgment no matter how unreasonably small and insufficient
  • an honest consequence for decisions freely made
  • an expectation to provide for one’s children.

To a faithful man with children, kicked out of his house by an adulterous woman and an indecent court, child support is different.  It is

  • an atrocious, crippling injustice
  • acid on an open wound
  • a trophy for corrupt courts that award lustful men for stealing
    • other men’s wives,
    • children,
    • home,
    • and property
  • a robbery done by
    • a contemptible court
    • a damnable government
    • a body of money grubbing attorneys and mediators
    • irresponsible, ignorant, incompetent, and reprehensible legislators
    • and citizens who won’t step up and protest to change the law.

To the unfaithful, their partners, their lawyers, mediators and judges, child support is

  • a luxury vacation
  • expensive bags, jewelry, clothing
  • membership in the best sports club
  • a fancy car
  • a reward for playing the whore on the marriage

To the same,

  • children are little more than a vehicle to obtain the above.
  • faithful spouses are pieces of meat to be abused and consumed.
  • principles are to be used opportunistically–not lived by.
  • wedding vows are nothing but tools to get something through deception.
  • wedding vows are implements of rape on a grander scale.
  • it is Ok to rob children of their foundation of family love and security for a roll in the hay.

Calling it “child support” does not make it right any more than calling rape or child molesting “love” makes it right.

Some say “Forget justice.  Children need food, clothing, shelter, education.”

Great.  If you are sincere and are not just braying stupidity, then

  • Let both adulterers pay child support.
    • Two incomes are better than one.
    • It’s the right thing to do.
    • It’s the intelligent thing to do.
    • It’s the solution with far greater Constitutional integrity.
    • It’s the common sense, obvious thing to do.
    • Everyone with intelligence greater than that of a common bone can see this.
    • It’s just a matter of finding a judge or legislator with enough integrity to admit the obvious.
  • Stop throwing the children into the whorehouse of adultery.
    • Children don’t belong in a whorehouse of adultery.
    • Children don’t belong in a house of abuse.
    • Step parents are not automatically abusers.
    • But unfaithful spouses and partners are often more likely to abuse.
    • Faithful parents set an example of sincerity, love, faithfulness.
    • How do you know?  Because I’m probably smarter than a doorknob.  How about you?
  • Stop robbing the faithful of their homes
    • and their children
    • and property
    • so the children can enjoy them too.

If this sounds unchristian or bordering on contempt of court understand this well:

I would much rather stand before God with too much contempt for this rancid divorce, family, child support court system than to stand before God with insufficient contempt for it.

Lord, judge America and America’s people righteously.

  • Curse with justice and infinite wrath those who rob and injure the faithful.
  • Curse with justice and infinite wrath those who rob and injure the children.
  • Curse with justice and infinite wrath those who bring injustice with arrogance.
  • Bless those with infinite love those who fight
    • for love
    • for integrity
    • for justice
    • for abandonment of current injustices in our system.
  • Lord, vigorously drive your people to fight for the right of every faithful parent to live
    • in love
    • in the shared family home
    • enjoying the shared family assets
    • without molestation
      • or robbery
      • or abuse
      • from the state!

Do you have the spine, the integrity, or the sincerity of your commitment to God, to principle, to honor, to the love of children or the love of family or the love of country to fight for what you know to be right?

Or will you wait for someone else to do it for you?

About the author: dan

Dan has been building websites focused on Christian evangelism and devotions and on strengthening marriages since 2001 and has worked in Information Technology while being involved in various ministries at church since the late 1970's. Dan's beloved wife, Eileen, stands with him in these efforts and has websites and Christian clothing designs of her own. Dan's daughter, Michelle, is another joy of his life. She is finishing her final year of high school and will be attending her first year of university study in the Fall of 2011. Her interests are in neurology and biomedical engineering.

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