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Dream for the Faithful and Children

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Submitted by dan on Sun, 06/05/2016 - 16:47
Dream or Nightmare
Dream or Nightmare

Dream: Martin Luther King's and Mine

Fifty three years ago, a great man, a man who would be a common man but for tribulation of injustice, Martin Luther King, blessed us all with vision and a dream.

Like him, I have a dream, and so should we all.

Seven years after Martin Luther King gave his precious speech and breathed into our nation a hunger for justice and equality that we cherish and enjoy today, long after the tragic and cowardly act that ended his life, a new form of slavery brought injustice, theft, cowardice, and abuse upon some of the weakest and most defenseless among our nation's citizens.

The unjust law I speak of is unilateral no-fault divorce.

A Treacherous and Unjust Law

Under unilateral no-fault divorce, court workers--judges, lawyers, mediators, paralegals, and psychological evaluators would get rich pimping for the unfaithful and turning our houses of justice into whorehouses of prostitution of justice.

They would threaten the faithful and their children with grave loss while holding out their hands like Mafia thugs for protection money.  No money, no "justice".  Where is our nation's honor?  But where money talks, truth is silent.

Martin Luther King said they came to this demonstration

"to cash a check, a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir.  'This note was a promise that all black men as well as white men would he guaranteed the unalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It is obvious today that America has defaulted on this promissory note as far as her citizens of color are concerned."

No Real Victims?

Some say that unlike people of color, there are no real victims of adultery or victims of divorce entitled to lay claim to such a promissory note.  How would black people have felt if someone said no real black men or women or children were entitled to that promise?  Few whites would would have been offended.  But black people would be angered or saddened deeply.

Today, many seem blind or insensitive to the plight of those hurt by adultery.  They consider adultery as a choice the adulterer is at liberty to make--a choice that liberty demands.  They consider it immoral to legislate morality or to punish people for choosing as they will who they will love and remain faithful to.

What is Marriage?

And yet regardless of religion, marriage is a fraud, a lie, a mockery of love if citizens have no liberty to make real binding marriage agreements proving one's love by taking responsibility for remaining faithful.

Who is more sincere?  The person who says, "I will promise you the world but want to break my promises if someone better comes along"?  Or the people who bind themselves to a real promise never to rob their spouses and children of their right to live together in the shared family home enjoying the shared family assets in peace?

The Dishonor and Shame of Our Nation

Since when, and by what justification has our nation asserted its right to stick its nose into the religious beliefs and the holy institution of marriage and into the most holy sacrament of marriage and demand that the adulterer be allowed to ravage the family, to divide up the property and to enslave the faithful victims of their adultery into a lifetime of servitude so that the whores, the whoremongers and their pimps in governmental offices and high courts can eat like fat vultures off the carcasses of the most faithful American citizens?

My Dream

I have a dream that victims of adultery and divorce will no longer have to pay for the sins of the perpetrators.

I have a dream...


I have a dream the rights of the faithful and their children to live together in love enjoying the shared family assets will no longer be stolen by a cowardly nation or destroyed by an unfaithful and dishonest parent.

I have a dream...

I have a dream one day faithful parents will no longer endure slander and shame for sins they did not commit, and that the unfaithful should no longer prosper from such slander, that churches will no longer appease the demons and worship the devil by courting the tithes and offerings of whores and whoremongers for illicit gain to the robbery of the faithful.  I have a dream they will no longer have such whoremongers for their pastors--not that they should fail to forgive or call to repentance or fail to restore, but that they should turn from their sin of defending adulterous unions and like Nathan and Malachi of old, require what God requires--that all who would be holy also be faithful.

I have a dream that American courts will no longer destroy the families of small children for profit.

I have a dream...


I have a dream one day our government, people, legislators and courts will have the integrity, love, and honor to defend the rights of citizens to enter into legitimately binding marriage agreements.

I have a dream you will love and share this dream with me