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A Divorce Attorney on Father’s Rights

Listen to this very important and astute message from a highly qualified divorce attorney experienced in defending hundreds of men’s rights.  Please forgive that there is a little mildly bad language a couple times in the video, but she does not use that language often or gratuitiously.

America and many other nations have not only sorely neglected the importance of fathers and have trampled on father’s rights ruthlessly, irresponsibly, arrogantly, and in the case of the courts where a bumbling bigoted inept judge could not find the integrity or intelligence or competence to respect either the honor of law or principles or the equal rights of human beings, including fathers, our courts have committed intentional violence against the very principles of this nation that our soldiers died for.  And for years they did not care until recently.  And now a few improvements might be found if you look for them diligently.

While the courts ask fake socratic questions pretending to be intelligent acting as sheltered cowards free to broadcast their arrogant and idiotic behavior in a blatant challenge for those who love justice to knock the chip off the shoulder of these inept, thieving jackasses, children suffer. And they ask, “What children?”  Father’s suffer, and they ask, “How?”  And if they have not worn down the stamina of everyone who would cry for justice already, they make sure everyone who would do so again would be too tired, too beaten, too abused, too robbed.

Is it any wonder the children themselves would despair of any hope for justice?  Is it any wonder?

We need just and fair law.

To put it bluntly, it is an arrogant idiot who would oppose the right of children and their faithful parents not to be robbed of their right to live together in love enjoying the shared family assets without molestation or robbery from the state under the pretense of “no-fault” or “equality”.

How can there be no fault?  How is it not a blatant lie?  And what’s the aim?  To make sure the couple don’t fight over who was at fault?  To avoid false charges?  How well is that working for you American courts?  People slander to get child custody knowing they can get money from the other spouse if they win.  One spouse shreds the family for a roll in the hay and decides to stay with the affair partner.  The faithful spouse is kicked out with a restraining order.  The children are hurt.  Why did Daddy abandon us?  Well, I guess he doesn’t really love you.

Other times it’s the man who leaves.  Perhaps he finds someone cuter, someone with sexier legs and a special walk and sultry eyes that coyly say, “Come hither”.  He slips into bed with her and she becomes pregnant, and now one woman’s children are going to be fatherless.  Which will it be?

Children need their parents.  Both of them.


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A Christian computer geek with an awesome wife, daughter, parents, and friends.

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