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Taken Into Custody

Book: Taken Into Custody
Book: Taken Into Custody
Book: Taken Into Custody

Would you like to be jailed for nothing?  Would you like to have your children taken away from you?  Would you like to have your freedom and your rights violated and to be dragged into court and pumped for protection money by someone operating in a manner not unlike that of a Mafia thug?

Political Science Professor Dr. Stephen Baskerville plugs his book, “Taken Into Custody”.  I say that facetiously, but the matter Dr. Baskerville addresses is one of the most serious and yet one of the most irresponsibly neglected issues of this day.

In America, faithful parents and their children are robbed of their right to live together in love enjoying the shared family assets in peace.  Faithful parents are dragged into court, falsely accused, abused, and extorted from, then used as cash cows or thrown into jail without due process of law.

In short, the American Family Court system is not a justice system but a form of a Mafia and organized crime where terror is struck into the hearts of the innocent and used to extort protection money, and where attorneys on both sides prosper greatly as long as injustice continues to reign as there is nowhere else the faithful and innocent can turn for a remedy.

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