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Christian Drama - Divorce and a Child

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Submitted by dan on Sat, 06/11/2016 - 14:30

Family members need each other

This video drama by Clear Vision Drama Company will make some cry but understand how a child needs her parents to love each other.

No child wants to be forced to separate from her father or mother or to have to grow up with one parent or the other at a time.  Children not only need the constant love of both parents, but they need parents who love each other faithfully and model good relationship skills.  Children need parents to step up to their promises and treat each other fairly in love, not going on the attack constantly or seeking revenge or trying to outsmart or teach the other a lesson.

Children do not need parents to be egotistical and determined to win every argument.  They need parents who are determine to win at love and integrity and modeling the best and most loving behavior for the children and for the good of the family.