About NoDivorces

NoDivorces began in 2001 when my marriage fell apart.

I soaked my pillow with tears, prayed the other man would crash his motorcycle into a semi, and ranted to everyone I could.  In the midst of that, NoDivorces.com was born.

Learning about marriage and divorce

For the next several years, I studied every book, audio, and video on marriage, affairs, and divorce I could find.  I ranted and comiserated with others who were suffering the same fate.  We argued over what would and would not save marriages, and we argued whether the Bible allowed us to remarry when our divorce was not our fault.  Some of these people had been waiting for over 30 years and seemed to have a vested interest in waiting for their spouses to return, even if they had long since remarried.

Married again

In 2005, I met Eileen, and whatever people think of this, it seemed God moved heaven and earth to bring us together.  Our marriage is stronger and healthier than my first marriage ever was.  We are still two imperfect people interacting in imperfect ways and going through trials and tribulations as everybody does, but we don't engage in the kind of hurtful behavior that my first wife and I did.

Even so, I did not want to set a bad example leading others to believe it is OK to divorce and remarry.

  • I remained faithful to my first wife and waited for her long after she began her relationship with another man.
  • I had Biblical grounds for divorce.
  • I refused to get into a new relationship until I knew it was God's will.

One thing I needed to confirm that further was I would have to be confident that if my ex wanted to return, I would be prepared to say it is too late. I was always careful never to get into a relationship with a woman if there was any likelihood I would break her heart later.

Eileen and I were married in December 8, 2007 and our son, David, was born on August 29, 2012.  I promptly neglected this website and all others while I enjoyed being with my family, working, and taking weekend vacations or taking care of my parents.

Picking up the computer again

Now that I am unemployed, I want to take this time to make this website as excellent and helpful as i can make it with the grace of God and the love and help of others.  I hope and pray it will bless you whatever your situation in life is.

I hope and pray this goes viral and helps many people.

God bless you and best wishes!!!

Dan and Eileen Dick