Casting Crowns and Focus on the Family Devotionals

28 Days into a Thriving Marriage

Daily Marriage Devotions

What if we pointed you to a web site owned by someone else and we lost you forever here at NoDivorces.

But your family and marriage was saved and your life was much happier and you were able to bless others greatly as a result.

Do you think we would be happy or sad?

Would we be sad we lost your participation here?

or glad for the blessings that came to you and your family?


How are you doing?  I hope you are doing great.

Are you soon to be married?  I hope you are not in agony, but either way, I hope I can give you something that will help.

Redbook: 13 Things to do Before Divorcing

I just read an excellent article expressed in 13 photographs and paragraphs suggesting what couples should try doing before giving up on their marriages.  I have seen many excellent articles, books, and videos on marriage, but this carries one excellent, encouraging punch.

Whatever you do, please don't separate or take any action toward divorce without doing these things first!


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