Lord Jesus, please bless and restore the faithful and their children. Many have been robbed by the government of their right to live together in the family home in love enjoying the shared family assets.

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Words to Strengthen and Protect or Save a Marriage


Many people believe a myth that says, "You will fall in love with me if I make you feel good about me".  So, they study ways to glorify themselves and make themselves look cool, smart, strong, wise, rich, and so on.  But, how do you feel when you see someone bragging and glorifying himself, talking about himself, showing off?

"People don't fall in love with you because of how you make them feel about you.
They like or hate you because of how you make them feel about themselves."

Ponder that a bit.  Who are the people in your life you feel you liked or loved the most?  Those who boasted and put you down, or those who lifted you up, pointed out your strengths, gave you hope?  Do you feel better about those who caught you doing something wrong and continued bringing it up again and again?  Or did you feel better about those who noticed when you did something right and reminded you of how good you were?

How do you treat your spouse?

Speaking Behind Your Spouse's Back

  • Do you nag, put down, or embarrass your spouse in front of other people?
  • Are you fighting to find something that will get your spouse to comply with your wishes?

If so, you may want to consider whether it's the best path for you.  Chances are that kind of behavior will be negative and have negative results.

And what do people usually do when this approach results in miserable failure and destruction?

Of course, they do the most stupid thing possible!  They continue the behavior with more intensity and get frustrated and puzzled when things get worse.  And then sometimes they get discouraged and tired of trying and give up on the marriage.

Why not do something that works?

  • Give your spouse a positive reputation to live up to.
  • Catch your spouse doing something right.  Do away with empty flattery.  
  • Focus on things that are results of your spouse's hard work.

And when you talk about your spouse to others, consider how you feel when someone speaks negative of you behind your back.  Do you trust that person more?  Does that endear that person to your heart?  Then consider how you feel about people who speak positively of you behind your back.

Which feeling do you want your spouse to have about you?

Moral of the Story

You have the power and right to decide, and the outcome is at least partly in your hands!

What is Love? How is Your Knowledge and Wisdom Regarding Love?

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What if You Had One Day to Save Your Marriage or Lose It?

Dan and Eileen's Wedding Dec. 8, 2007What if you had only one day to change something in the way you did things or else your marriage would suffer irreversible damage?  What if your spouse were considering giving up on you or wanted to find something exciting outside the marriage?

Or, what if you were feeling this way and your spouse could see it in you?

What if your children were at risk of losing their one and only chance to grow up in a loving, unbroken home and today was the last day you had to find a way to start turning things around in your marriage?

What would you do?

Support The Movie - About Child Support

Support? System Down (trailers and info)What drives non-custodial parents to suicide and violent acts against the court system?

This movie answers that question.


The highest ranking film at the International Film Festival is

SUPPORT? System Down

This is a movie about the failures of the child support system with interviews from both custodial and non-custodial parents as well as attorneys, judges and others showing the failures of this system.

Click here to view the trailers and information on the film and encourage people to see it!

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