There is Hope for Saving Marriages

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NoDivorces is committed to saving marriages.

Too long, unhappiness, adultery, abuse, addictions and such have torn apart families and have torn apart lives, and too often, like suicide, divorce has been pursued as a remedy or the only remedy.  But rather than leading to happiness, freedom, and independence, it has led to greater suffering, bigger problems, and patterns of divorce spreadng throughout the family and circle of friends.

It is time that the good guys began winning!

Getting Your Ex or Soon-to-be-ex Back

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Submitted by dan on Sun, 07/03/2016 - 02:21

American GothicWhat is your situation?

  • Are you in a broken relationship?
  • Are you hoping to fix it?  
  • Or is your marriage already broken and you want to get your ex back again?

What kinds of issues are you facing right now?

  • Gut wrenching emotional issues?
  • Psychological issues?
  • Moral issues?
  • Legal issues? 

None of these are fun.  Children suffer.  Entire families and circles of friends are impacted.  Battles can escalate and problems can become cyclic and feed on themselves.

But what works?  What succeeds?  What do you want to accomplish?  What do you have a right to do?

Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

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Submitted by dan on Mon, 06/06/2016 - 21:55

1000 Questions for Couples e-BookAre you considering marriage?

I actually bought most of my marriage saving books, videos, audios, and materials after my ex began her affair that eventually destroyed our marriage.  I desperately wanted to save my marriage.  It isn't as though I waited beyond the last minute to make an effort.  I had actually read several books on marriage and how to be a good husband and father long before I met my first wife.  And yet I do not believe any of those study materials hurt my marriage but only helped.  While our marriage ended, I believe it was the longest relationship my ex had ever experienced.  My current marriage has crossed the nine year mark now as well, and with more financial tribulations whereas I was doing well financially in my first marriage.  Yet our marriage is much stronger, happier, wiser, more faithful and more godly than my first marriage ever was.

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