There is Hope for Saving Marriages

Re-doing Entire Website

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Submitted by ndcadm on Sat, 01/07/2017 - 13:28

You must have come here looking for something helpful for saving marriages and famiiles.  And that is certainly the whole purpose of this website.

And therefore I must apologize to you for the time being as I am taking down each article to review each one and make sure it is good enough in quality to be worthy to be handed over to you for reading, that each article is holy, honorable in every way, full of good, solid advice first, and second, that it's good or SEO and for producing income.

Questions to Ask Before Getting Married

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Submitted by dan on Mon, 06/06/2016 - 21:55

1000 Questions for Couples e-BookAre you considering marriage?

I actually bought most of my marriage saving books, videos, audios, and materials after my ex began her affair that eventually destroyed our marriage.  I desperately wanted to save my marriage.  It isn't as though I waited beyond the last minute to make an effort.  I had actually read several books on marriage and how to be a good husband and father long before I met my first wife.  And yet I do not believe any of those study materials hurt my marriage but only helped.  While our marriage ended, I believe it was the longest relationship my ex had ever experienced.  My current marriage has crossed the nine year mark now as well, and with more financial tribulations whereas I was doing well financially in my first marriage.  Yet our marriage is much stronger, happier, wiser, more faithful and more godly than my first marriage ever was.

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